Awesome trophies for the Be Internet Awesome project of Orchid Creation

Orchid Creation Orchid Creation is a creative agency based in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, São Paulo, Mumbai, Mexico, Barcelona and Singapore. The company is formed by a group of young, passionate and creative individuals who love to experiment with ideas and designs. Their approach puts talent and diversity at the core of their […]

The golden diversity trophies shine in the spotlights!

Diversity trophies VRT For the seventh year in a row, VRT presents diversity trophies to its internal and external media makers. Prizes are awarded in six categories: One, Canvas, Ketnet, Information, Radio and Digital Accessibility. A professional jury – with representatives of GRIP vzw, the Women’s Council, Çavaria, the Minorities Forum, the Flemish Old People’s […]

Case study: Visit.Brussels

Helping strengthen the image of Brussels as a metropolis About Visit.Brussels Visit.Brussels is the Brussels Agency for Tourism that aims to strengthen the image of the Brussels-Capital Region by positioning the city locally and internationally as a metropolis. And nothing could be further from the truth: more than 180 nationalities live together in Brussels, making […]

A legendary 3D printed gaming trophy – League of Legends Premier Tour

gaming trophy league of legends 3d printed award trophy

In June 2018 a new League of Legends tournament was launched by Riot Games, called Premier Tour. Everyone who lives within the DASH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and is at least platinum 5-ranked, is welcome to participate. The goal of this tournament is to help expand the strong e-sports scene in the DASH countries. […]

The future is now: First advertising awards ever handed out by Artificial Intelligence

advertising awards

The annual MIXX Advertising Awards recognizes digital marketing excellence in different campaigns. Advertising agencies can submit their case in one or more of the 8 different categories available, according to the campaign objectives. There will be four different expert juries rewarding the winners of the 8 categories. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, MIXX Awards Belgium […]