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Leaderboard awards – Rewarding the gaming champions at home

Reward In-game champions While beating the COVID-19 virus together, this is also the time to beat all the highscores! And what better way to celebrate …

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Valorant spike collectible, gaming collectible, 3D printed gaming asset

Valorant spike collectible – a massive influencer campaign by Riot Games MENA team

Next to the rising amount of requests we receive to make iconic esports tournament trophies, this project really rocked our world. Commissioned by the Riot …

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plexi screens, covid19 screens, kuchschermen, spatschermen

Custom space dividers – A complete COVID19 protection for IKEA Belgium

As COVID19 measures are steadily taking shape, we find ourselves in a new reality. Counters and checkouts are now covered with protective shields, while stickers …

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Leaderboard awards – Rewarding the gaming champions at home

Reward In-game champions While beating the COVID-19 virus together, this is also the time to beat all the highscores! And what better way to celebrate …

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partnership awards, partnership trophy, reseller awards

Awesome trophies for the Be Internet Awesome project by Google

Orchid Creation Agency Orchid Creation is a creative agency based in Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, São Paulo, Mumbai, Mexico, Barcelona and Singapore. The …

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The golden diversity trophies shine in the spotlights!

Diversity trophies VRT For the seventh year in a row, VRT presents diversity trophies to its internal and external media makers. Prizes are awarded in …

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Case study: Visit.Brussels

Helping strengthen the image of Brussels as a metropolis About Visit.Brussels Visit.Brussels is the Brussels Agency for Tourism that aims to strengthen the image of …

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The most desirable music awards in Flanders: the MIA’s!

Music Industry Awards 2019 The MIA’s (Music Industry Awards), are the Flemish music awards that are awarded annually by radio and television broadcaster VRT. This …

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gaming trophy league of legends 3d printed award trophy

A legendary 3D printed gaming trophy – League of Legends Premier Tour

In June 2018 a new League of Legends tournament was launched by Riot Games, called Premier Tour. Everyone who lives within the DASH countries (Germany, …

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Custom laser cut SG2K awards

The lucky number seven: an explosive racing trophy.

Hello kitty driving in a pink audi RS4… Deadpool in an Audio RS7… A Porsche turbo with a fire-breathing fenix… Don’t believe this is reality? …

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5 reasons to host an award show on your event

Are you planning to host an event? Do you want to involve more people? Why not holding an award show? You can involve people in …

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Gold… Silver… Bronze… The new metal trophy finishes are here!

As in every business, it is important to keep innovating. With 3D Trophy Factory there is no difference. We can now proudly announce our brand …

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custom soccer trophy, soccer trophies, FC Bayern Youth cup

We are the champions… in creating the greatest soccer trophies for Bayern München.

Whenever we think of soccer trophies, we think of the FIFA world cup trophy, the most famous soccer trophy in the world. To ever play …

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custom golf trophy, golf trophies

Big, Bigger, The Belgian Knockout Trophy 2018

The Belgian Knockout tournament went this year in premiere. The golf tournament introduced a new and innovative game formula which can be found here. With …

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BeeZero: A 3d printed award for a zero-emission project

BeeZero is the world’s largest and friendliest hydrogen-powered car-sharing service. Despite the huge potential in revolutionising car-sharing and reducing emissions in cities, the BeeZero service …

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Watch our designs shining at this year’s Belgian Golden Shoe ceremony “Gouden Schoen 2017”

The Belgian Golden Shoe (Dutch: Gouden Schoen, French: Soulier d’Or) is an award given in Belgium at the beginning of each year to the best footballer of the first …

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best awards 2017

Our best awards of 2017: A year in review

Proudly looking back to our best year to date: 2017 had it all. Our portfolio grew with some big brands and even bigger awards. We …

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