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We create unique design trophies for e-sport tournaments and gaming events. Contact us for a quote on an exclusive gaming trophy:


Eye catcher of the tournament - a custom made gaming trophy

Let’s make the world’s most stunning gaming trophy! We design from scratch based on your vision and our expertise.

E-sport tournaments are booming. We at 3D trophy factory share the passion, as we know what it takes to stand out with a unique experience. We work together with leading brands in the e-sports industry. Take a look at our inspiration gallery in the section below.

Our designers have experience in capturing the true spirit of the game into a memorable and iconic design. Let’s start with a conversation.

Get inspired

Take look at what is possible with 3D printing and the right dosis of creativity. We can create literally any imaginable shape and produce it. Take a look at some great examples of custom 3D printed e-sport awards:

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