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An unforgettable moment

It’s time. Everybody feels the excitement. You can hear people shuffling and coughing. They are softly whispering to each other. Who will get the award?

Winning an award is the ultimate reward for a top performance. It’s something to cherish, something to be proud of. So you don’t want an average trophy, you want an award that leaves an impression. Our designers know exactly what makes an award stand out. You need an award quickly? Customize one of our existing designs in our online shop!


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How we work



Creativity starts with constraints. We need to know precisely what you are looking for. What materials you’re eyeballing, which elements you want to feature, in which context the trophy will be given, ... Expect us to listen, ask and show plenty of examples in this stage.



You’ll probably already see our designers doodle and sketch during the first meeting. You wouldn’t believe the amount of pencils and notebooks we go through in a month. But it’s crucial to have plenty of drafts and ideas to cover different takes and angles on the subject, and spark the creativity. It’s just as fun as it sounds. (And, yes, we take budget constraints into account as well).



Off to the machines. From pencil sketches we go to 3D models and rendered images on our computer screen. They almost look real (even though they are in fact 2D-illusions). Here, we craft and shape and rethink every detail of the design to ultimately end up with precisely the trophy you wanted.



Happy with the design? Then let’s do some printing! Actually, it’s a bit more technical than that, with preparing production files and choosing printing and finishing techniques. But those skills are embedded in our dna (and they’ve actually already played their part in the design stage too).



When we offer you the end product, we know you’re not the actual recipient of the trophy. You’re going to give it away to someone else. And that’s probably the real beauty of designing a trophy: there’s always a winner at the end of it.

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