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Make team efforts memorable
& personal.

Reward great achievements with unique 3D printed trophies. Fully personalized and designed, based on your vision and our expertise.

Teamplay is the driving force behind a successful business. Take the opportunity to reward a performance, an achievement or a milestone of your team with truly personal employee awards.

Our designers have experience in capturing the right emotion to make a memorable and personal design. Let’s start with a conversation.

USE CASE: An award growing with your teams efforts

At 3D trophy factory we like to challenge the ordinary and create inspiring concepts for your brand.

For one of our clients, a chain of car dealerships, we were asked for a unique concept. Their goal was to reward dealerships that hit their sales targets respectively 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 cars sold. 

During the year, each dealership would strive to reach the next sales goal to receive a personalized trophy with their dealership logo. Our designers created a 3D wreath design consisting of tiny cars matching the target number. Do you feel like counting?

With this example we want to emphasize the possibilities with 3D printing and conceptual design. We are looking forward to think along to create a stunning reward concept for your team efforts and employees.


Get inspired

Take look at what is possible with 3D printing and the right dosis of creativity. We can create literally any imaginable shape and produce it. Take a look at some great examples of personal employee recognition, team awards, years of service awards and special achievement awards:

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