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Meet our Eco-materials

At 3D Trophy Factory we continuously research new materials to strive for the highest ecological requirements. As 3D printing is already achieving great standards in sustainability, the following materials take it to the next level of eco-friendliness. 

PA 11 - Renewable - Reusable

Meet PA11. This sustainable material is made from vegetable castor oil from renewable sources. PA 11 powder is made with 100% renewable resources* derived from castor plants grown without GMOs in dry areas that do not compete with food crops.

As a surplus, the latest industry-leading 3D printing technology enables the re-usage of unused material from previous prints, optimizing part cost efficiency and eliminating waste.

The benefits

  • PA11 Powders and agents are not classified as hazardous
  • Renewable raw material from vegetable castor oil (Low environmental impact)
  • Minimizes waste due to industry-leading reusability of powder
  • Material with high impact resistance
  • Unlimited aesthetical freedom in design and shapes

*A renewable resource is a natural organic resource that can be renewed at the same speed in which it is consumed.

Awards from recycled PET

Our PET awards are 100% recycled from beverage containers, water bottles and fabrics. The surface is rough, giving the award an authentic eco-look. For the bases we use FSC approved wooden blocks. 

Recycled PET awards are available in the following colors: Clear, White, Leaf Green, Dark Blue, Red and Black.

Compostable trophies

At 3D Trophy Factory we are used to build awards that last forever. However, with our compostable materials we can offer the opportunity to give an award to our mother earth. This unique material will degrade within 6-8 months. 

Compostable awards are available in the following colors: White, Desert, Brown and Black.

Get inspired

Take look at what is possible with sustainable materials and the right dosis of creativity. Take a look at some great examples of sustainable trophies:

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