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League of Legends Trophy
Adcamp 2016 Honorary Award
Aurea Awards 2018
Gouden Schoen 2018 Awards

Thales Awards
Mobilelron Iron Partner 2016 Award
King of the Kill H1Z1 Invitational 2016 Trophy
Orchid Creation – Golden Figurine Trophy
Music Industry Awards 2019
Music Industry Awards 2019
Knokke Hippique 2015 Award
Orchid Creation – Blue Figurine Trophy
Knokke Hippique Summer Circuit Award
Mobilelron Iron Partner Roadshow 2018 Award
Next Generation Marketing Award
Limburg Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Reward
Business in Africa 2016 Award
Promising KMO 2014-2015 Award
Employer of the Year 2014 Reward
Challenge Us 2016 Award
Challenge Us 2016 Award
Fashion Personality of the Year 2015 Award
Foreign Investment 2015 Trophy
Traxio Certified Trophy
Trends Legal 2015 Awards
Travel 2015 Awards
Think Planet 2014 Award
Family Business Legacy 2016 Award
Get Smart Education 2017 Award
UNIZO Student-entrepreneur of the year 2017 Award
Trends Business Tour 2018 Award
ThreatMetrix 2016 Award
Showtime 2018 Awards
Womed Award Sud 2015
Trends Business Women Awards
Delivery Leaders 2016 Reward
Tech City Limited Future Fifty Awards
iMec Superminds 2016 Trophy
Margaret Staal-Kropholler 2016 Trophy
Microsoft Corporate 2018 Awards
Science and Innovation Prize 2017
Shop Usability Award
Hack My Ride Brussels 2017 Award
Belfius Smart City 2015 Award
Design Award 2013
Mit Ide Inclusive Innovation Competition Grand Prize 2016
Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2016 Award
CFO of the year 2015 Award
Shopping Awards 2017
Integrated Staffing Limited Award
Visit Brussels 2016 Awards
Wacom Inkathon 2015 Grand Prize
Q8 Oils Trophy
Hubspot Heart Trophy
Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2018 Award
Atomium Prizes for Comic Stories
Noelanders Trophy XVIII Best Bonsai
Belfius Smart 2016 Awards
Bridgestone 2015 Awards
Thüringer Forschungspreis 2017 Award
Beloftevolle KMO 2014-2015 Award
Trends Family Business of the Year 2017 Trophy
Ellen Weldon Design Award
PPN Finance 2013 Award
Apps for Antwerp Award
Pokémon European International Championships London 2016 Award
Ergobaby Award
ICT project of the year 2016 Award
Excellence Feweb Award
Streetgasm2000 Award
Bob award
Dutch Search 2016 Awards
Boston Music 2018 Awards
Boston Music 2018 Awards
Lifetime Achievement 2016 Award
Q8 Award
Showtex 2016 Award
Brussels Stephex Masters Award
Foreign Investment 2017 Trophy
ChipSoft Golf Event Trophy
Visit Brussels 2017 Awards
Blog & Digital Awards
National Lottery Trophy
Belgium’s New Brand 2015
Global Digital Factory Alumni Trophy
Jeugdbrandweer Zelzate
Hack Day Trophy
HelloPrint Trophy
Lease Car of the Year 2016 Trophy
Digital Day Award
Gimv Building Leading Companies 2015 Trophy
Accenture Innovation 2018 Awards
Ten Pound Hammer- Volvo Award
HBVL Premium 2018 Trophies
Moestuin Master 2015 Reward
Converge 2016 Presenter Trophy
Belgian Maker 2017 Award
Chocolaterie 2014 Awards
M/V of the year 2015 Reward
Gazelles Graphiques 2015 Award
Hercules 2016 Trophy
KvK Most Promising Starter 2018 Award
Certificate Voluntary Quality Test Speech Therapy Cognitio Trophy
Most Innovative EU Biotech SME Award
Wadick Chomyszyn Aerospace Scholarship 2016 Award
Diversiteit 2016 Trofee
Marketer of the Year 2015 Reward
Meet Magento 2016 Award
Beste Social Awards
Best Digital B2C Campaign 2015 Award
Les Trophées de la famille – Edition 2014
Accenture Innovation Awards
Fast 50 2014 Award
The Young 100 2015 Award
Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2016 Award
Daikin 2016 Award
Belgian Most Promising Maker of 2016 Award
The Lion of the Export 2014 Trophy
Belgian Big Screen 2016 Awards

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+1 646 893 2696
415 Madison Ave, 4th floor
New York, NY 10017

België (HQ)
+32 (0) 3 369 35 00
Uitbreidingstraat 60-62, 5th floor
2600 Berchem, Belgium