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Hexagon Cufflinks

Maࠥ: 20 x 17 x 19 mm
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
Detail 4


  • Wearing a suit doesn't mean you have to blend in with the crowd. Be the star of every party with these personalized cufflinks.

  • Full 3D print in metal of choice

  • Designed by one of our talented 3D designers (Shari Supratno).

  • Customizable w

3D gedrucktes Messing

3D printed brass

3D gedrucktes vergoldetes Messing

3D printed gold plated brass

3D gedrucktes naturürlich glänzendes Silber

3D printed natural gloss silver

3D gedrucktes hoch glänzendes Silber

3D printed high gloss silver

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