How it’s made: our 3D printed trophies


3D trophy factory is a well thought out name. We literally view ourselves a little factory that produces original 3D printed trophies, awards and business gifts.

Simplicity rules: have a look at our 3D printed sport trophies.

Trophy Champions league

Trophies and sport competitions have always been connected to one another. The ancient Romans started this long tradition by handing out chalices (footed cups intended to hold a drink) to winners of sport competitions. These would often be filled with delicious wine or other (alcoholic) beverages. Sounds like a pretty good tradition, so it stuck […]

JUTTU wins bpost Omnichannel Award


Multi-brand retailer JUTTU can call itself the proud winner of the bpost Omnichannel Award 2017. The event took place February 2th in Antwerp Urban City. The award was created by our designers at 3D Trophy Factory and is made out of plexiglass with a 3D-printed silver part on top. Other nominees were Hunkemöller and Media Markt. Omnichannel is […]

Why your employees need to be awarded too.


The trophy-making business can be very awarding (pun intended). We make things everybody loves to get. And we’ve made them for tons of different occasions; business events, gaming tournaments, marketing awards, golf tournaments and many more. We saw that our clients are keen to make sure their winners have an memorable experience. We’re asked to […]

Meet the star of the 3D Trophy Factory family


Hi, I am the 3D text totem! I am the all-time classic of the 3D trophy factory and was their first creation. I am very popular as a give-away award for big international events and conferences. Why? I am fully 3D, so people are really surprised when they get me 🙂 I am fully customizable […]