Bigger, biggest, best. Our design for the Viacom Velocity Awards


We’ve designed one of our biggest awards to date:  The Viacom Velocity Award. Viacom Velocity is a full-service marketing and creative content team within the Viacom Marketing and Video Partner Solutions group. You might have heard about Viacom, the world’s sixth largest broadcasting and cable company that hold television networks such as MTV, Comedy central, […]

Revenge of the nerds: The 5 biggest prizes in gaming tournaments

The gaming industry has definitely gone trough some major changes over the last few years, with competitive gaming reaching new heights of popularity.  After we made the insane looking award for King of the Kill a few weeks ago, we started to get curious.. It seems that competitive gaming has been taken out of the player’s […]

A company totem for Greatist


Greatist is company committed to helping you find the best way to a healthy and happy life. For their offices they wanted a totem that represented their positive spirit and outlook on life and that would serve as a reminder to everyone to hold on to that healthy attitude and have fun while doing so. The […]

The 10 most beautiful 3D award designs


Here’s a list of fully 3D printed awards that inspire us. 1. Design Management Europe Awards Design Management Europe Awards, designed and produced by Cardiff product design and research centre, PDR. 2. Reboot Develop 2015 Awards Reboot Develop 2015, the “Biggest game developers and industry professionals conference in south east Europe”, which took place in […]

Meet the star of the 3D Trophy Factory family


Hi, I am the 3D text totem! I am the all-time classic of the 3D trophy factory and was their first creation. I am very popular as a give-away award for big international events and conferences. Why? I am fully 3D, so people are really surprised when they get me 🙂 I am fully customizable […]

Q8 business gifts


To celebrate the opening of their new Antwerp plant, Q8 Oils wanted to offer their guests business gifts. The brief was simple, the design had to be based on the Q8 logo and the actual logo had to be freestanding from the rest of the design. After the approval of one of the design sketches, we created a […]

Mark your partnerships with 3D tombstones


In November 2015, Buysse & Partners and Twikit joined forces to embark on a global 3D journey . Buysse & Partners is an investment firm with a global vision. Twikit is an enabler of online 3D customization. With the motto ‘Walk the talk’, the 3D Trophy Factory team created a unique deal gift to mark the collaboration between […]

From a 2D concept to a 3D award


Transforming a 2D concept in to a 3D award is child’s play for 3D Trophy Factory. What’s in a name, right? There are many ways to go about creating a 3D award from a 2D logo. It can range from really simple and sleek to really elaborate designs with lots of organic elements or geometrical shapes. All […]

Design Inspiration – Thousand and One Nights


At 3D Trophy Factory we find inspiration in all kinds of places and things. For this design exercise we turned our gaze towards the Middle East and created this beautifully luxurious Thousand-and-One-Nights style.   The designs have been kept clean and minimal but the materials used are high quality and give the awards an opulent and […]

Diversity Trophy VRT


For the fourth time in a row the Belgian public television VRT awarded their Diversity trophy VRT. This award recognizes people and programs that approach diversity and colleagues in a creative and conscious way. Have a look at the winners here. The original design idea for the award was a 2D design by graphic designer Gudrun […]