A video game trophy worth killing for

video game trophy

The H1Z1 Invitational 2017 gaming tournament has been a blast. For people unfamiliar with gaming, H1Z1 is a battle royale game, which in non-gamer terms means a survival game where only one player can survive. The event was held in an huge arena at this year’s Twitch Con in Long Beach, California. Just like the years […]

The future is now: First advertising awards ever handed out by Artificial Intelligence

advertising awards

The annual MIXX Advertising Awards recognizes digital marketing excellence in different campaigns. Advertising agencies can submit their case in one or more of the 8 different categories available, according to the campaign objectives. There will be four different expert juries rewarding the winners of the 8 categories. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, MIXX Awards Belgium […]

A talent award for the funniest to survive the lion’s den

talent award

Voor de leeuwen is a Belgian talent award show where upcoming comedians get a chance to gain popularity as they have to put a smile on the face of some well-known Belgian TV personalities.  The title Voor de leeuwen literally means thrown to the lions as young emerging talents have to impress Belgian showbizz veterans. The award […]

Making awards for the Tomorrowland of horses! 

Last weekend, the Stephex masters took place in Meuzegem near Brussels. A 5 star jumping for the best riders in the world. 3D trophy factory had the honor the make the awards for the unofficial “tomorrowland for horses” Open door policy At least 40.000 visitors and horse enthusiast were present during the 5 day long […]

The Red Bull Soapbox Race: insane trophies, crazy vehicles & lunatic drivers.

We’ve made these insane looking trophies for the Red Bull Soapbox Race. And the winner is.. Contestants could compete with their home-build, one-of-a kind soap boxes. During the race everyone could portray their crazy personas with insane looking outfits and their very own race machines. Only powered by courage, gravity and a couple of sips […]

Introducing: The Form 2 Printer Stand!


Office furniture is constantly evolving towards more customization and better design. As a company that works with 3D printing technology, we saw one major opportunity in the furniture industry that was not yet explored: the custom 3D printer table stand. 

The Oscars returns to its original version thanks to 3D printing


Since 1928 The Oscars promises every year an evening of total glamour and prestige where stars show up in the most beautiful and magnificent outfits. Such a night, calls for an equally impressive award. For 33 years the statuettes have been manufactured at a Chicago trophy company. But over time, little changes have crept in […]

the Proxsys Cup stands for fun and spectacle!

Proxsys Cup

Fun, excitement and spectacle. That’s what the Proxsys Cup is all about. This two-weeks lasting event organizes indoor soccer matches for people of all ages: seniors, ladies, youth under 17, youth under 13 and G-soccer are all welcome. The Proxsys Cup took place in Gorinchem, a small city in the Netherlands where many sports are practised […]

Noelanders Trophy 2017: The battle of the Bonsais.


Last weekend The Noelanders Trophy 2017 took place in Genk, Belgium. This is a 3-day event that is all about the Ancient Japanese tradition of growing and cultivating bonsais. The Japanese tradition dates back over a thousand years. The cultivation of Bonsais can be extremely difficult, and this competition awards those who have the best […]

We’ve made 22 trophies for the first ever Dutch Search awards!


The Dutch Search awards is the first edition in The Netherlands, where excellence and efforts in Dutch search marketing are put in the spotlight. This award show is thé opportunity for search agencies and professionals to show their best cases and solutions to a professional jury. During the evening gala last night in Amsterdam, the […]