A legendary 3D printed gaming trophy – League of Legends Premier Tour

gaming trophy league of legends 3d printed award trophy

In June 2018 a new League of Legends tournament was launched by Riot Games, called Premier Tour. Everyone who lives within the DASH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and is at least platinum 5-ranked, is welcome to participate. The goal of this tournament is to help expand the strong e-sports scene in the DASH countries. […]

The lucky number seven: an explosive racing trophy.

Custom laser cut SG2K awards

Hello kitty driving in a pink audi RS4… Deadpool in an Audio RS7… A Porsche turbo with a fire-breathing fenix… Don’t believe this is reality? Then you might want to check out the StreetGasm 2000 event. Eight days, 120 unique, exotic and fast cars, 2000 miles roadtrip through Europe and a ton of adventure. This […]

5 reasons to host an award show on your event

Are you planning to host an event? Do you want to involve more people? Why not holding an award show? You can involve people in multiple ways. For example you can reach out awards for people who got nominated by their colleagues. In this way you can already create interaction with the event before it even […]

Gold… Silver… Bronze… The new metal trophy finishes are here!

As in every business, it is important to keep innovating. With 3D Trophy Factory there is no difference. We can now proudly announce our brand new metal trophy collection. Just as with our other trophies, you can order a metal trophy in every shape and design you can wish for. Our designers are always present […]

BeeZero: A 3d printed award for a zero-emission project

BeeZero is the world’s largest and friendliest hydrogen-powered car-sharing service. Despite the huge potential in revolutionising car-sharing and reducing emissions in cities, the BeeZero service will be ceased from 30th of June. More information can be found here.  On BeeZero’s request we designed and produced an award that will be handed over to all employees […]

Our best awards of 2017: A year in review

best awards 2017

Proudly looking back to our best year to date: 2017 had it all. Our portfolio grew with some big brands and even bigger awards. We prepared for you a “random” top 8 of our most honourable projects of the past year. Enjoy! 1. Redbull soapbox race The design is fully inspired on the artwork of […]

Trends Digital Pioneers, unique full color awards with 2.5 D printing technique

full color awards

We are proud to announce that our first full color awards with 2.5 D printing hit the award shows. More on the technique later on. Trends Digital Pioneers Together with Google, Trends and Trends-Tendances chose 5 winners from 20 companies that are involved in remarkable digital transformations. From 5 categories ,ranging from Sales to New […]

Teamleader wins Deloitte Fast 50 award

Deloitte fast 50

Every year Deloitte fast 50 showcases the very best of Belgium’s fast-growing technology companies. You can find the complete ranking list here. A fast growing company that helps other companies organise and grow fast With over 2% growth in sales over the past four years, Teamleader not only took the top spot in the overall ranking, but […]