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Big, Bigger, The Belgian Knockout Trophy 2018

The Belgian Knockout tournament went this year in premiere. The golf tournament introduced a new and innovative game formula which can be found here. With …

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Design Inspiration – Scandinavian Design

In our series on on what inspires us, we take a look at Scandinavian design. A minimalist, contemporary and elegant style that keeps clean lines …

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A company totem for Greatist

Greatist is company committed to helping you find the best way to a healthy and happy life. For their offices they wanted a totem that represented …

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The 10 most beautiful 3D award designs

Here’s a list of fully 3D printed awards that inspire us. 1. Design Management Europe Awards Design Management Europe Awards, designed and produced by Cardiff …

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Meet the star of the 3D Trophy Factory family

Hi, I am the 3D text totem! I am the all-time classic of the 3D trophy factory and was their first creation. I am very …

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Q8 business gifts

To celebrate the opening of their new Antwerp plant, Q8 Oils wanted to offer their guests business gifts. The brief was simple, the design had …

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Mark your partnerships with 3D tombstones

In November 2015, Buysse & Partners and Twikit joined forces to embark on a global 3D journey . Buysse & Partners is an investment firm …

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From a 2D concept to a 3D award

Transforming a 2D concept in to a 3D award is child’s play for 3D Trophy Factory. What’s in a name, right? There are many ways …

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Design Inspiration – Thousand and One Nights

At 3D Trophy Factory we find inspiration in all kinds of places and things. For this design exercise we turned our gaze towards the Middle …

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Diversity Trophy VRT

For the fourth time in a row the Belgian public television VRT awarded their Diversity trophy VRT. This award recognizes people and programs that approach …

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How to create a customized 3D award

Are you tired of handing out the same type of awards every year? Are you looking for a customized 3D award or business gift but …

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In which materials can you print 3D awards?

The designers at 3D Trophy Factory have many materials and production techniques to choose from when creating a design for a new award, trophy or …

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Is 3D printing expensive?

We often get the question whether 3D printing is expensive. And as is so often the case, the answer is more complicated than just simply …

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Womed Award Zuid 2015

Nènè Hadh Cherif received the Womed Award Zuid 2015 last week for her extraordinary achievements with the farmers’ cooperative in her village. 3D Trophy Factory …

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8 reasons why your event needs a 3D printed award

8 reasons why your event needs a 3D printed award Because… … you want to sent the winners home with something they will remember. … …

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A special achievement deserves a special award!

Our highly creative designers at 3D Trophy Factory get inspired by a great many things and as we are an Antwerp-based company they also find …

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Essenscia Innovation Award

The Essenscia Innovation Award was handed out to AGFA Graphics. The prestigious ceremony took place in the Academic Palace in our capital city of Brussels. …

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