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3d printed awards

Gold… Silver… Bronze… The new metal trophy finishes are here!

As in every business, it is important to keep innovating. With 3D Trophy Factory there is no difference. We can now proudly announce our brand …

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The next customization step for your smartphone!

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives and we love to customize them as much as possible. But why limit the customization …

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Stand out from the crowd with our exclusive Cufflinks Collection!

In a world where grey, blue and black suits are dominant, standing out from the crowd isn’t always that easy.

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Get Smart for Belgium – Our design for the Belfius Smart Awards

In 2016, Belfius launched “the Smart Belgium awards”, a call for local governments, companies, citizens, healthcare and eduction to work together for a more sustainable …

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Trophy Champions league

Simplicity rules: have a look at our 3D printed sport trophies.

Trophies and sport competitions have always been connected to one another. The ancient Romans started this long tradition by handing out chalices (footed cups intended …

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We’ve created the biggest 3D printed trophy EVER for Gaming giant Konami!

Konami is one of the most well known and well respected video game developers worldwide.  The multinational contacted us earlier this year for a project …

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Birthday trophy

Our number trophies say more than words could ever explain.

You know the saying: I can’t express this in words.. We suggest you try it in numbers. Presenting: our number trophies.

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Chrome trophies are in the house!

We currently launched a new and awesome type of finishing, introducing: Our Chrome trophies! Before the launch of this new line, the white polyamide prints would …

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Yellowleaf wins Voka Award 2017!

Jeroen Audenaert and Vincent Scheltjens won the Voka Award 2017, the price for the most promising student-enterprise. This is the second year in a row …

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Hack my ride: improving Brussels’ public transportation

MIVB, the public transportation society of Brussels, organized a hackathon, called ‘Hack my ride’. The goal of this hackathon was to improve the use of …

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Optical illusions and 3D-printed trophies

Admit it, we have all tortured our eyes with optical illusions and we all love to do it. The fact that we see things that …

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Meet our product designer, Gilles!

Have you ever wondered who makes all these beautiful trophies? Read this blog to find out more about one of our creative product designers, Gilles …

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The Oscars returns to its original version thanks to 3D printing

Since 1928 The Oscars promises every year an evening of total glamour and prestige where stars show up in the most beautiful and magnificent outfits. …

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Proxsys Cup

the Proxsys Cup stands for fun and spectacle!

Fun, excitement and spectacle. That’s what the Proxsys Cup is all about. This two-weeks lasting event organizes indoor soccer matches for people of all ages: …

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The VRT awards diversity in Flemish Television and Radio.

For the 5th year in a row, the VRT (the Flemish state channel), presented the diversity trophies .

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Shopping awards

The Shopping Awards recognizes outstanding e-commerce talent in The Netherlands!

On March 9th and March 23rd, the annual Shopping awards took place. The wait is finally over, and we now know the best web shops and …

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JUTTU wins bpost Omnichannel Award

Multi-brand retailer JUTTU can call itself the proud winner of the bpost Omnichannel Award 2017. The event took place February 2th in Antwerp Urban City. The award …

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