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5 reasons to host an award show on your event

Are you planning to host an event? Do you want to involve more people? Why not holding an award show? You can involve people in …

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video game trophy

A video game trophy worth killing for

The H1Z1 Invitational 2017 gaming tournament has been a blast. For people unfamiliar with gaming, H1Z1 is a battle royale game, which in non-gamer terms …

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advertising awards

The future is now: First advertising awards ever handed out by Artificial Intelligence

The annual MIXX Advertising Awards recognizes digital marketing excellence in different campaigns. Advertising agencies can submit their case in one or more of the 8 …

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talent award

A talent award for the funniest to survive the lion’s den

Voor de leeuwen is a Belgian talent award show where upcoming comedians get a chance to gain popularity as they have to put a smile …

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custom trophy design

A custom trophy design for a year to remember! It’s Antwerp Diamond Year.

Recently, an edict from 1447 was found in the City of Antwerp’s archives, referring to the first traces of diamond trade in Antwerp. During the …

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Making awards for the Tomorrowland of horses! 

Last weekend, the Stephex masters took place in Meuzegem near Brussels. A 5 star jumping for the best riders in the world. 3D trophy factory …

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DIY in the spotlight with the Dobbit Innovation Awards.

DIY in the spotlight with the Dobbit Innovation Awards.

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The Red Bull Soapbox Race: insane trophies, crazy vehicles & lunatic drivers.

We’ve made these insane looking trophies for the Red Bull Soapbox Race. And the winner is.. Contestants could compete with their home-build, one-of-a kind soap …

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3D Tombstones for Vector – the micro satellite launch company.

New funding Our team had yet another great tombstones or deal gift project. Vector, the micro satellite launch company that’s decreasing barriers to entry and …

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Not your ordinary coffee table – 3D trophy factory explores custom made furniture. 

Our team recently made some exiting designs for the furniture industry.

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An explosive award for an explosive event: StreetGasm 2000. 

Over the years the StreetGasm 2000 event has become one of Europe’s leading, and definitely most epic, road going adventures. StreetGasm 2000 offers its participants …

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Introducing: The Form 2 Printer Stand!

Office furniture is constantly evolving towards more customization and better design. As a company that works with 3D printing technology, we saw one major opportunity …

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Seal your partnership with our 3D printed Tombstones and Business Gifts! 

A partnership can come in all forms and sizes. Think about professional relationships, such as two schools working together on a big project or two …

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Straight from the horse’s mouth: The Knokke Hippique Awards!

Knokke-Hippique is a 5-star event, which means as much as the highest level of world sport, the Champions League for horses. The participants of the …

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How it’s made: our 3D printed trophies

3D trophy factory is a well thought out name. We literally view ourselves a little factory that produces original 3D printed trophies, awards and business …

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Have you met STAN – the fully personalized standing desk?

Chances are you’ve probably already heard about one of our most famous items: STAN the standing desk. If you didn’t, we’d love to introduce you …

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Belgian Maker Award for Aluvision nv!

The announcement of the winner of the Belgian Maker Award took place yesterday, June 22th. This trophy was awarded to the SME in Flanders who …

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