3D Trophy Factory has been rebranded to FABIT. Join us as we continue our journey under this new name on fabit3d.com.

3D POS - a point of sale display with a touch of 3D

Adding a third dimension to any dealership display or point of sale display by combining our experience in both lasercutting and 3D printing – 3D POS is our newest field of expertise.  

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Table-top 3D POP-POS

Make your product stand out in a unique fashion. 

Table displays are mostly fair and square, literally. We make them stand out by adding either that 3D touch, or offer a sneak peak of your product in a unique 3D experience.

We created this 3D POS display with 3D rubber magnets for a famous tyre brand, enabling dealerships to communicate a not too obvious innovation in it’s latest tyres.

XXL 3D Printed POS

A brilliant way to get in the line of your customers sight. Think big!

With XXL 3D printing your product is represented at the scale it deserves. In comparison with traditional POS display manufacturing, we can achieve more complex shapes within the same turnaround time. 

Larger-than-life POS creates more awareness and engagement – making your brand stand out and your campaign modern and cutting-edge.

POS protection ensuring covid19 measures

Our new way of life is a fact. As well as the way we shop.

POS displays got a new side job in handing over hand-sanitizers. Counters and check-outs got a transparant protection shield to ensure everyone’s safety.

During this COVID19 crisis we are orienting a part of our business towards creating and improving these solutions and implemented them successfully in many stores and offices including banks, doctors offices and IKEA Belgium. 

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