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3D Sculpting Service

Imagine a 3D printed bust of yourself, your beloved pet or just anything else you can imagine. Our in house 3D sculpting service can create literally any imaginable shape.

Take a look at the examples below. 

Submit your inquiry through the form. Please add some images, sketches as a reference:

NOTE: Custom sculpting projects start at 5000 EUR excl. VAT

A 3D printed bust of yourself

Treasure your loved ones for all eternity. A portrait or family bust is truly a special gift to yourself or your family. 

Our 3D sculpting service is able to capture the right emotions and character into a 3D model. We start from images or 3D scans to build up the bust. After the draft is build, details are carefully sculpted until the preferred expressions and poses are met. 

Material and finnishing can be simulated digitally, before the file goes to a 3D printing facility. 

Animals - Your beloved companion in 3D

Our 4 legged companions deserve all the attention they can get. Reserve that special spot on the fireplace for a unique work of art.

Sculpting animals can be a challenge. With year’s of experience in designing bespoke awards, our in house sculptors were lucky to encounter many (wild) animals digitally, behind their screens. 

Starting from images and template models, the unique characteristics of your pet or spirit animal can be turned into a 3D printed bust. 

From organic shapes to abstract sculptures - Discover our 3D sculpting service

With digital sculpting and 3D printing, envisioning the impossible was never so easy.

Having an abstract shape in mind or an organic item? We can start from your briefing and work towards several proposals to visualize your idea. 

Our in house experts can add organic or abstract details to existing objects or start from scratch – shaping a complete new object in the style you prefer. 

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