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Valorant spike collectible – a massive influencer campaign by Riot Games MENA team

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Valorant spike collectible – a massive influencer campaign by Riot Games MENA team

Next to the rising amount of requests we receive to make iconic esports tournament trophies, this project really rocked our world. Commissioned by the Riot Games MENA team we developed a life size Valorant spike as an incentive for a massive influencer campaign to launch Riot Game’s Valorant in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Valorant spike was sent to leading names in the game streaming world in a fancy box with additional goodies and instructions. The campaign is accompanied by an Instagram filter where you can place the Valorant Spike in augmented reality and win a life size one. (Give it a try through this link)

We also shot some footage of our busy hands back-stage while assembling the collectibles in our assembly studio. Enjoy the footage incorporated in the launch video of the actual campaign here:

The Valorant Spike – dismantled

The Valorant spike is a crucial part of the game and therefore iconic to represent the game as a physical collectible. More information on its role in the game can be found here.

Let’s take a look at the different parts of the spike. The entire spike is 3D printed and consists of several parts that fit nicely together. Each spike was additionally personalized with the influencers “gaming” name. The top lid can slide out and be fixed in the open position.

Designing the spike as a collectible was a challenge, as the in game element has different states ranging from inactive, activated, planted and disarmed. In the design phase we opted for the extended activated state of the spike as it shows most of the spike’s detailed mechanical parts and fits more goodies inside.

“Designing this multi-part bomb-like object was a challenge right up my alley. I admit I couldn’t stop thinking and grinning: The customs will love these.” Lio Desart Senior Designer

In the lid we hid some more game assets: A grenade keychain, a sword and a golden keychain with Valorant in Arabic.

What’s inside the Valorant Spike

Item nr1. Kunai sword – an in-game item also used as gun buddy. Personalization of characters and accessories is of big importance in the online gaming industry as it is a way players express their virtual personality. And as we know now, a gun buddy is a charm players can equip their gun with.

Item nr.2  Valorant grenade keychain. 3D printed with a graffiti graphic UV printed on the base. We really liked juggling them around as part of our mandatory quality check.

Item nr.3 Keychain with Valorant in Arabic. If you get your hands on this keychain you will notice 2 things. It is very shiny and it is printed no other material than metal. A really nice weighted charm to accompany your keys… or gun 🙂

Now considered a hot item in the gaming world we hope it will find a way to all of it’s enthusiasts.

Next to the production and assembly, our team managed to get the spikes to many individual addresses flawlessly. We also got our hands on several images and videos from influencers unboxing the Valorant spike. Enjoy the gallery:

And a few links to some unboxing action:


Unboxing by Lgaming on Youtube

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