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Custom space dividers – A complete COVID19 protection for IKEA Belgium

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Custom space dividers – A complete COVID19 protection for IKEA Belgium

As COVID19 measures are steadily taking shape, we find ourselves in a new reality. Counters and checkouts are now covered with protective shields, while stickers and panels with warnings and instructions are popping up on every corner.

Already during the early phases of the crisis we oriented a part of our business towards creating COVID19-related products including touchless door openers, hand sanitizer dispenser stands and protectional space dividers. We created standardized modules that fit most counters and office desks. Furthermore we offer a made-to-measure solution where we work on customer-specific requests for protectional shields in short turnaround times. Our team started a one-stop-service including design and ideation all over to production and installation.

IKEA Zaventem reached out to us for a custom request for specific-sized space dividers. To open all 40 checkouts and make their back-offices corona-proof, they needed a custom solution very quickly. Meanwhile we were also asked to replace their current space divider tool as it wasn’t sturdy and qualitative enough for the upcoming period, and safety experts advised that the COVID19 measures regarding screens would probably become mandatory in the coming year(s).

Our dedicated team is currently working on:

  • Cash register shield with transparant movable panel
  • Cash register inner dividers – separating and protecting the 2 cashiers
Cash register space divider
  • Space dividers for kitchen configuration office desks
  • Wooden divider floor stand with optional wheels
  • Restaurant cash register shield
  • Restaurant table divider

In need of qualitative COVID19 space dividers? Please visit and contact us through our dedicated page here.

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