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The golden diversity trophies shine in the spotlights!

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The golden diversity trophies shine in the spotlights!

Diversity trophies VRT

For the seventh year in a row, VRT presents diversity trophies to its internal and external media makers. Prizes are awarded in six categories: One, Canvas, Ketnet, Information, Radio and Digital Accessibility. A professional jury – with representatives of GRIP vzw, the Women’s Council, Çavaria, the Minorities Forum, the Flemish Old People’s Council and the Network against Poverty – chooses the winners.

The lucky winners

Out of all the different categories, the following programs were selected as winners: “Kinderen van de Kolonie” wins in the category Canvas. “De Klas” has won in the category One. “Ketnet Junior Idents” wins the diversity trophy in the category Ketnet. “Bij Debecker” wins in the category Radio. “De Ochtend” wins with its summer guests in the category Information. And “VRT NU” wins in the category Digital Accessibility.

Taboe wins the audience prize

diversity trophies

All media makers working for the VRT could vote for the nominees. They voted massively and Taboe was the obvious winner. In Taboe, Philippe Geubels invites four guests each week to his holiday home in Westouter: people with an incurable disease, people with a physical disability, blind and partially sighted people, people with obesity, people in poverty, LGBT people, people with a different skin color, and people with a psychological vulnerability. He listens to their stories and sensitivities, so we get to know these people better.

Award ceremony

3D Trophy Factory had the honor to design the awards for this special occasion. And see how they shine in the spotlight: the golden diversity trophies 2019!

diversity trophies

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