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5 reasons to host an award show on your event

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5 reasons to host an award show on your event

Are you planning to host an event? Do you want to involve more people? Why not holding an award show?

You can involve people in multiple ways. For example you can reach out awards for people who got nominated by their colleagues. In this way you can already create interaction with the event before it even started. Besides, people love to nominate and to get nominated so why not participating in this aspect by handing over some fun awards as well?

Wacom’s Inkathon – Finalists and winners at CES in Las Vegas

1. Create buzz around your event

Creating that extra buzz around your event is very easy with an award show. People have a reason to talk about it, to interact with, and to be involved. Running this unique publicity stunt is also a very good reason to invite the press which can result in exposure in multiple newspapers or even on television.

In general we can say that with an award show on your event, you can not only reach people at the time the event is taking place but also before and after the event. To make it even more special, why not inviting a special Guest to host the show? How awesome would that be?!

Talent award
Living legend Urbanus handing out a Lion award on a Belgian TV show

2. Boost your brands visibility

A great award show comes with great awards. With 3D Trophy Factory you can have an awesome custom design award with the branding of your own company. This is also an important benefit regarding to the event because it will get your business more visibility without taking much effort.

Think about something beautiful, unique or awesome you see on an event. What would you do? Most likely you are willing to picture it. This will also happen to your event. People take pictures which will be shared so without knowing you will automatically gain more visibility to your brand.

Custom trophy Redbull zeekpisten
The Red Bull Soapbox Race: insane trophies, crazy vehicles & lunatic drivers.

3. Promote and reward your company’s values

The values and norms of a company and their employees are very important. After all, the employees are the ones representing those values. By rewarding unique achievements, innovation and success rates, your employees will for sure get a boost. And, on the other hand, it is a unique way of promoting your values and achievements to your existing or new business connections. Employee of the month, sales achievements, success rates,… You name it, we make it!


4. Add a climax to your event

If you are hosting an award show on your event, you will have a  major climax! People will be curious about the prizes and who will win them. It is even a very good way to network. You can attract more people to the event which gives you the great opportunity to get to know new people or to maintain a relationship with partners.

Also after the awards are handed out, the networking can go on. It can even create new opportunities. A prospective partner can be interested in talking with the person who won an award for best negotiator or an investor might be interested to talk with the person who won the prize for the most amount of sales.


5. Spread fun and feelgood vibes

After all, an award is just a unique way to thank people and to give them a good feeling. People will get a warm, lovely feeling and will feel valued for the efforts they made during the year. They will be extra encouraged to keep doing what they do. For the people who did not win a prize, it can also be a big encouragement. If you are planning to reach out the awards every year, it can become an achievement for some employees and an encouragement for extra effort in hope to win one of the awards the very next year. Because let’s be honest: We all want to win an award at some point.

An explosive award for an explosive event: StreetGasm 2000

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