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Our best awards of 2017: A year in review

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Our best awards of 2017: A year in review

Proudly looking back to our best year to date: 2017 had it all. Our portfolio grew with some big brands and even bigger awards. We prepared for you a “random” top 8 of our most honourable projects of the past year. Enjoy!

1. Redbull soapbox race

best awards 2017

The design is fully inspired on the artwork of this event. Red bull has a very specific graphic style for their cartoons. We tried to turn the bathtub to a full 3D model. This turned out pretty cool and we were very pleased with the result! The bubbles in the bath and the small details of the weeks gave the design a playful touch. The ‘cart’ is than placed under the floating finish, giving it a dynamic look and feel.

2. Accenture Innovation Awards

 best awards 2017

The Accenture Innovation Awards is a year-round program with the purpose to create an extensive ecosystem to connect all innovators. The goal is to drive innovation together. Because of the fact this takes place in Holland, a tulip is used as their referred logo. We turned this logo into a dynamic 3D shape. Blue, green and fuchsia, colors used in their artwork give a bright and playful pop to the trophies. The bases were finished in the same colors.

3. Deloitte Fast 50

best awards 2017

Since a couple of years we’re the proud makes of the Deloitte Fast 50 Awards. Every time, we use the logo of the event as an inspiration for the awards. This year is was a bit more challenging because we had to turn a dynamic colored globe into a monotone static model. Deloitte asked us not only to use a 3D printed model, but also to incorporate trees and wood. Giving it a more natural and organic look. 

best awards 2017

Parts of a tree trunk were used, giving it a very raw finish. Combined with the 3D printed model of the globe, we can once more say that we created some pretty amazing awards. 

4. Sin City Classics

best awards 2017

The Sin City Classic’s are the worlds larges annual LGBT sporting event! Every year the event takes place in Las Vegas and what better way to express the Las Vegas vibe than with a trophy of a Show Girl. The real life look-a-like show girls were sculpted in 3D, 3D printed and than finished in 3 different metallic colors. Next to the shiny trophy, the team winners also received a medal. For this we used lasercutting method in mdf wood and shiny mirror plexi. The rainbow ribbon tied the knot of the LGBT sports event! 

5. Boston Music Awards

best awards 2017best awards 2017

This year we were the proud creators of the 2017 Boston Music Awards. The annual set of music awards showcase the very best talent in and around the Massachusetts area. The award itself truly brings the Boston Music scene to its right. Steel was first lasercut and than welded together to create the rectangular shape. Afterwards the steel was lacquered in shiny black, to give it that edgy but classy look. All the winners were than engraved on the pieces with laser engraving, making sure each winner has their own personal trophy.

6. Konami 

best awards 2017

Thus far, this was the biggest and most expensive trophy created in the history of 3DTF. Konami is one of the most well known and well respected video game developers world wide. The company needed our help for an award that celebrated the winner of the (PES) Pro Evolution Soccer League.

Next to this immense 75cm trophy, the winner also received a humble cash price of 200 000 USD.

7. Knokke Hippique 

best awards 2017

For the third year in a row we had the honor and the pleasure of creating the Knokke Hippique trophies. A -star event, with 5 star trophies. The designs are inspired by a classic sea-side beach team, in true style of our Belgian Coast. The blue and white are in line with the event’s styling, resulting in a simple yet elegant design. 

8. PowerPhase

best awards 2017

The industrial company PowerPhase wanted a replica made of their mechanical gas turbine, to give as a deal gift to their biggest clients.  Our designers were able to turn a 2D image into a 3D model, keeping an eye out for even the smallest details. The silver finish gave the model a more premium look. 


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