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Trends Digital Pioneers, unique full color awards with 2.5 D printing technique

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Trends Digital Pioneers, unique full color awards with 2.5 D printing technique

We are proud to announce that our first full color awards with 2.5 D printing hit the award shows. More on the technique later on.

Trends Digital Pioneers

Together with Google, Trends and Trends-Tendances chose 5 winners from 20 companies that are involved in remarkable digital transformations. From 5 categories ,ranging from Sales to New business models the following winners were selected:

In the Sales category, the jury chose Raamwinkel.be, which has developed a complete e-commerce solution for the supply of customized windows and doors. In the Marketing & Communication category, Clear Channel was chosen with a project to fully digitally manage the billboards on the street and other outdoor advertising, thereby also enabling more detailed marketing campaigns. The complete list of winners can be found here.

Full color awards: Created with 2.5 D printing

At 3D Trophy Factory we are always striving to adapt the latest techniques to literally handle any of our customers requests. With 2.5 D printing, full color reliefs are made possible within an attractive price range. The technology is pretty impressive as each ink layer is applied on top of each other, enabling to print full color images in high resolution with a maximum height of 5 mm.

Here are some examples:

The Trends Digital Pioneers award is our true pioneer in handing over the experience of this new technology to the public. For more information and quotations on 2.5 D printing please contact our 3D Trophy Factory Team here. Meanwhile, enjoy the galley below:

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