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Teamleader wins Deloitte Fast 50 award

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Teamleader wins Deloitte Fast 50 award

Every year Deloitte fast 50 showcases the very best of Belgium’s fast-growing technology companies. You can find the complete ranking list here.

A fast growing company that helps other companies organise and grow fast

With over 2% growth in sales over the past four years, Teamleader not only took the top spot in the overall ranking, but also received the award for fastest growth in the Software category. Teamleader brings CRM, project management and invoicing together with an intuitive software solution, enabling SMEs to collaborate, organise and build their business.

For this remarkable achievements an adequate award had to be designed. Resembling the wood these entrepreneurs were cut from and the Deloitte Fast 50 visual transformed into a physical 3D logo the appearance of the award is unique and stunning.

Deloitte fast 50

Deloitte fast 50

Deloitte fast 50: rising star

The rising star category rewards early stage companies that have the potential to become market leaders and future growers.

The top place was conquered by Spott. A service that offers interaction modes across media content and applications with a main focus on interactive advertisements and personal user experience. Based on collected user data and AI learning the advertised content is improved and tailor-made to what viewers love and aspire.

Most Disruptive Innovator

Zensor translates technological innovations in monitoring and analysis into tangible and relevant information that they share in the way tailored for management, or maintenance, or investment decisions. As such they are the knowledgeable companion for owners and operators in making their structures increasingly safe, efficient and sustainable.

Deloitte fast 50

Our sincere congratulations to all of the 50 selected companies.


The 3D Trophy Factory Team

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