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An explosive award for an explosive event: StreetGasm 2000. 

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An explosive award for an explosive event: StreetGasm 2000. 

Over the years the StreetGasm 2000 event has become one of Europe’s leading, and definitely most epic, road going adventures. StreetGasm 2000 offers its participants a unique experience…

The StreetGasm event

The organization takes their participants to a whole new level of automotive experiences and show everything that driving can be and much more! Famous Dj’s, Youtubers, Athletes and TV personalities are among the people attending the event.

Driving 2000 miles alongside 100 other unique, exotic and fast cars, going to places beyond your wildest imagination, while gathering thousands of stories and experiences to share with your new friends… StreetGasm 2000 truly is the ultimate car challenge.

An exclusive design

For such an explosive event, we needed to design an explosive trophy as well. The design is inspired by their unique logo. The entire award is lasercut and made out of a pitch black plexi. The metal look is acquired thanks to a special kind of foil that is put on top of the base of the award.

And how about your personalized trophy?

Feeling inspired and ready to create an award yourself? Work with our designers or design a unique piece completely on your own, the choice is yours!

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