Seal your partnership with our 3D printed Tombstones and Business Gifts! 

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Seal your partnership with our 3D printed Tombstones and Business Gifts! 

A partnership can come in all forms and sizes. Think about professional relationships, such as two schools working together on a big project or two companies that form an financial alliance. 

There are a huge number of arrangements and conditions that have to be fulfilled for these kind of partnerships. This very often includes a lot of meetings and paperwork. But to mark a partnership in a symbolic way, it’s always nice to have something tangible, something you can use to display your alliance for the world to see.

The Partnership Tombstone

Our designers have come up an unique object to mark a partnership in the best possible way: the Tombstone.

Tombstones are similar to normal trophies, but marked with the logo and/or names of the companies involved in the partnership. In our brand new shop, we have the classic Plexi tombstone that can be customized with text or images.

Screen Shot

3D printed tombstones and trophies.

Another option to divert from the classic Plexi Tombstone is the 3D print. The Belgian investment company Buysse & Partners recently invested in Esas, a company that provides IT services. With this newly acquired capital from Buysse&Partners, Esas is seeking to expand their services in Belgium, The Netherlands and other neighboring countries. To mark this joyeus event, the two companies exchanged these 3D printed trophies.


Or something else..?

Options are endless, think about 3D printed business gifts such as Cufflinks, Business Card Holders or Phone Holders. These are all available in our shop, but we wouldn’t want you to limit your options to those products alone. Our design team is full of ideas and want to think about original ideas together with you. Contact us and find out more!


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