3D Trophy Factory has been rebranded to FABIT. Join us as we continue our journey under this new name on fabit3d.com.

How it’s made: our 3D printed trophies

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How it’s made: our 3D printed trophies

3D trophy factory is a well thought out name. We literally view ourselves a little factory that produces original 3D printed trophies, awards and business gifts.

But between a standard factory and ours there’s one big difference though: we handle each of our orders with lots of love and care. Every trophy is unique, so they also require a unique approach.

So how do these trophies get made? In this blogpost we’ll try to give you some more insights in all of the production phases that a 3D printed trophy goes through. From your shop order to the delivery at your doorstep: here’s how it’s made – the 3D printed trophy edition!


1. Your online order in our shop.

Our online shop is full of unique products that anyone can customize with colors, logos, signatures and much more. Through our online configurator you can play with the settings and design an unique product.

2. We process the order & facilitate production.

Your order gets processed in our website and is then being send to the 3D print facility that we work with. After a few days we receive the (almost) finished 3D printed trophy that you personally designed.

3. Ready for assembly.

When the 3D print arrives at our office, we start assembling and finishing your order. It’s important to know that some trophies consist out of 2 parts : A (wood, stone, metal) foot and the 3D print itself. Our production team starts with assembling parts and spray-painting the award in your favorite colour

How it's made

How it's made

4. Quality check and shipping.

Once the assembly is done, we finish the order by giving the products a thorough quality check. This includes the finishing, but also an extra check to see if your chosen specification match the final product. Once this is done, we put our trophies in a very special packaging so that they are packed safe and sound for their journey!


5. The delivery.

After a while you will receive a box filled with your personalized 3D printed trophies at your doorstep! We hope you enjoy your purchase and feel some of the love and care we put into your chosen products 😉 Enjoy!

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