Our number trophies say more than words could ever explain.

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Our number trophies say more than words could ever explain.

You know the saying: I can’t express this in words.. We suggest you try it in numbers. Presenting: our number trophies.

Apart from our popular Text Totem – which we still love in all it’s glory- sometimes words alone simply don’t quite cut it. That’s why we released a brand new line of trophies in our updated and new webshop: The number trophy.

Number trophies

There are a huge number (pun intended) of occasions where number trophies are perfect for. Think about birthdays, reaching a sales target, rewarding 1st and 2nd place, a wedding anniversary and so on..

The number trophy comes in 2 different forms: The single and double trophy. The 3D printed design is inspired by “Meshes”, meaning the shapes come in an irregular, yet beautiful form of organized chaos. The 3D print can be ordered in all sorts of different colours, while the foot is in oak and can also be customized with your logo and some text of your liking.Meshes

In need of some inspiration for your event? Recently, the company Twikit celebrated their 4th year of being in business. The team organized this party together with a 3D printed trophy (topped with a real candle!) and plenty of pizza. Birthday trophy

Make sure to take a look at all of the trophies, business gifts and much more in our new webshop. Or do you need something that is a bit more out of the box? Then go to our Specials page, and talk to one of our designers for a fully customized piece. Happy designing everyone!

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