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The VRT awards diversity in Flemish Television and Radio.

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The VRT awards diversity in Flemish Television and Radio.

For the 5th year in a row, the VRT (the Flemish state channel), presented the diversity trophies .

These trophies are given to television makers that have shown a lot of creativity in bringing diversity to TV programs. Winners include programs such as “Generation M” and “Alors on dance” .


In 6 categories , 42 internal and 6 external, radio- tv- and online programs were nominated. A professional judge including GRIP vzw, the woman-council, Cavaria, the minority forum, the flemish elderly council and the network against poverty, were given the difficult task to choose the winners.


“Alors on danse” won the prize for the most creative program. In the report the judges not only praised presenter Ish, who is described as a much needed rolmodel, but also the concept itself. The program charmed the judges: bringing people together through dance, while offering a completely different concept than the usual dance program.


What is “Alors on dance”? A professional dancer and his team go to companies or organizations where a group is usually not aquatinted with dance choreography. In this way, everybody has to to step out of their comfort zone: men, women, of all different ages and cultures. Such a original program deserves an equally original award! Congratulations to all winners!

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